If you become a stay at home parent, make sure that you establish a simple daily toddler schedule in the first years, that works for you and your little one. Especially in the wintertime, it’s important to have one. Rainy and cold days, or being sick can make your daily routine pretty unpleasant in the winter. But instead of feeling stuck at home, give your day some good structure. And, you can start planing some activities that are fun for both, you and your little one.

By 12 months your baby has probably become a toddler. Life might become easier with the growing independence of your little one, but also new challenges arise. Soon, you will notice new and exciting abilities that develop. Latest at this stage, you need a simple toddler routine. It helps your 1-year-old understand better how their world functions. And you will need probably one too. Not only to understand, how your world functions now, but also not to wonder where the day’s gone to.

Editable Daily Toddler Schedule

This perfect daily toddler schedule editable printable is great for anyone who is looking for some inspiration and a super easy template how to structure their days with their little ones (9 – 18 months).

Daily Toddler schedule Stay at home mom

You can easily create your own perfect daily toddler routine, if our free example template below does not meet your needs.

We included some suggestions to ease your planning too! You can edit easily the fields if you want!

If you need just a sample, use this free simple toddler routine.


To help you create your own stay at home daily toddler schedule for the 12 to 18 months, we share our toddler routine for this age stage. If you need a toddler schedule after the 24 months with one nap time, check out this one here.

Our 1-year-old slept between 14 and 15 hours a day.

He used to automatically wake up at 6 am., which was great in the summer, but not that great in the cold winter. So, with a simple trick, we extended his sleeping time to around 8-8.30 am. Our big secret was to feed him 1/2 cup of milk at around 5 am. Feeding him the same amount an hour later, did not prologued his sleep and our day started earlier.

He used to have two nap times, each 1 hour long. Usually, waking up at 6 am made him sleep longer during the day, with 2 2-hour naps.

He used to call a night between 8.30-9.00 pm.

In the wintertime, because of cold and rainy days and frequent colds, we used to spend only around 1-2 hours a day outdoors. Also between the 12 and 18 month, Aiden was still learning to walk and run and he used to fall down several times a day. By 12 months he was still cruising and holding on to furniture while walking. After that, he became merely independent. And with his independence the bruises from bumps and falls became a routine for a while.

Daily Routine Activities 12-18 months

Our toddler routine 12-18 months printable includes some fun ideas for toddler activities that you can repeat daily.

For toddlers this age, is crucial to do at least 180 min physical activities such gross motor and fine motor activities. For example, indoor toddler activities for 12-18 months can include:

Gross Motor Activities

  1. Dancing
  2. Walking
  3. Squating
  4. Sitting down on a small chair and then stand up
  5. Climbing on furniture
  6. Climbing stairs while holding on
  7. Playing with and throwing ball

If you need some ideas for indoor physical activities in the winter, check out these  indoor gross motor activities.

Fine Motor Activities

  1. Opening and closing bottles, small draws, etc.
  2. Playing with blocks
  3. Playing with puzzles
  4. Scribbling with chalk, jumbo pencils or crayons
  5. Self-feeding

If you need some more ideas for indoor physical activities in the winter, check out these  indoor fine motor activities.   

Toddler Meals 12-18 months

Additionally, we included quick and easy toddler meal ideas. We tried to keep cooking times limited to 60 min a day. Our toddler was not that picky at this stage. A creamy oatmeal, oatmeal pancakes and banana were always his favourite choice. Now, things are unfortunately different.


So, here it is our 12-18 months stay at home daily toddler schedule.

stay at home daily toddler schedule

We hope our experience can help you to find your own way and get some rest!

Happy Playing and Living!

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