Looking for a fun fine motor activity, that you can set up in less than 30 seconds? Check out this one! Create a stone eating monster from scratch and let your little one practise fine motor skills, measurement and estimation!

Stone eating monsters are really popular right now at home. Actually, stones are popular and everything that can be filled with stones. So, that’s how this little guy came to life.

Here is the big secret how to create him. Your own little Frankenstein. Dinner is served.

Fun FIne Motor Activity

Materials for this fun fine motor activity

All you need is

1. Cardboard packaging.

2. Marker.

3. Stones.


Cut a rectangle from a cardboard packaging and a small opening in the middle for a mouth. I made my life easier with no cutting and just used the packaging of a new fry pan.

Create our own adorable Frankenstein face.

Tell your little one, that the stone eating monster is really hungry and needs some snacks.

In our case, it eats mainly stones, but yours can eat pompoms, cars, paper, pencils just everything. The most important thing is to use their hands and to stay focused for a while.

And here is how it went in our case. First I demonstrated the adorable Frankenstein face. Then, I went cooking while our little one served the stone dinner to our new friend – the stone eating monster.

I wished, my toddler would eat so much and so fast like this little guy! Beside the stones, it ate also some seashells! Yummy!

Fun Fine Motor Activity

Fine motor activities are a great way to keep your little one busy with something they need for life. Make it fun, try new things out and most importantly, encourage them to use their hands, wrists and fingers in different settings.

If you need some more ideas for easy and fun fine motor activities, check out these one here!

Happy Playing!

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