We love these easy DIY easter crafts for kids! Stuck at home and you got some white beans? Don’t keep them all in stock because of the situation right now. You can take few out and do some pretty cool things with them for your little one! Beans are just great for all kinds of fine motor and sensory activities.

It’s get even more exiting if you bought already Kinder Surprise eggs in different sizes for the Easter egg hunt! Great! We can reuse them!

So, here are some fun ideas for DIY easter crafts for kids!

1. Easter Bunny Sensory Bag

This easter bunny sensory bag is super easy to make. Check out here the instructions for our basic easy, no mess, 1 minute sensory bag.

In order to create the bunny, you will need some nail polish in pink, black, and blue colour. And optionally a permanent marker to draw feet and hands.

Further more, you will need two white beans for the ears, one for the nose, two for the eyes. And of course, two for the arms and two for the legs of the bunny. If you have enough beans you can put some just plain white beans for the belly as well.

Bunny, bunny, hop, hop, ready to be build!

Easter Crafts for Kids

2. Little Chicks – Easter Crafts for Kids – Sensory Bag

These little chicks are just so cute! We simply love them! Above all, it’s super easy to create them – you just need few beans, yellow nail polish and red and black permanent marker. Don’t forget your latex gloves, it can get bit messy!

Easter Crafts for Kids

Best thing about them – you can use them anywhere! Here for example in a 1 Min DIY Sensory Bag:

All you need is a simple ziplock bag with water and a permanent marker to draw the egg.

3. Easter Matryoshka Nesting Doll – Easter Crafts for Kids

Eager to create your own Easter Matryoshka, also known as nesting doll? That’s indeed possible with all the Kinder Surprise eggs you buy for your kids this Easter. There are three sizes available – Giant Kinder Egg, Maxi Kinder Egg and the regular one. Additionally, you will need few white beans to create the little chicks.

Easter Crafts for Kids - nesting dolls

It’s so easy that your little one can even do it alone or just help out, if they are younger.

And that’s how it works – I used only two permanent markers in black and red and latex gloves.

True, these nesting dolls are not wooden, but hey, we reuse the plastic over and over again.

Our little one loves the surprise of opening these cute chicks to find another inside. It’s indeed not so easy to open the big ones, therefore, I leave them barely closed, so Aiden can open them easily. Nesting materials like these help your little one understand spatial relationships, develop fine motor skills, and learn comparison (big, bigger, small, smaller), as well as prepositions (inside, outside, under).

Moreover, your little one can experience the concept of a whole object that contains individual parts that are nestled within.

4. Egg Candles Scoop

This activity is great during Easter time and it’s super easy to set up. But also winter, spring, summer and fall, this simple fine motor activity can be part of your daily activities routine.

Pour just some tap water in a bucket or in a simple IKEA toy storage bin and add some egg candles or plastic eggs in different colours. Give your little one a spoon or a ladle and let the magic happen. They will scoop and scoop and scoop…or do their thing such as cooking an egg soup.

Happy Playing!

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