Water activities are just a great way to keep toddlers busy and focused especially in the summer. They encourage independent play in toddlers and can hold your toddler’s attention for hours. The worst that can happen is your toddler to get soaking wet, which should be tolerable in the summer.

10 best water activities for independent play

So, check out these 10 toddler activities with water. Super easy and quick to set up, no-prep and almost no mess, these activities are great for ages 1-4.

1. Pouring station 

Pouring is a super useful skill that needs to be practiced daily. Lucky us. Toddlers love to pour. And instead of their tea, juice or water, let them practice with a really simple pouring station.

2. Catch the soap 

Clean hands? We need them anytime. So, let your little one chase a bar of soap in a water. Not only slippery, but also a guarantee of clean hands.

3. Bathe the dinosaur 

Dinosaurs. Magical creatures, that seem to be everywhere despite the fact that they might be gone for good. From toys, though apps to movies, dinosaurs are pretty famous among toddlers now. So, let your little one bathe the ones you have at home. We bathe our LEGO ones.

Water Activities

4. Fishing station

Fishing is a great quiet activity. But no. It’s not only quiet. It’s also a great way your little one can learn and develop patience.

5. Name the sea creatures 

What you need for this activity are one or two buckets – the one filled with warm water, the other with sea creatures toys. If your bathing toys are sea creatures like ours, let your toddler name them and splash them one by one. Then let them take them out and start over again.

6. Jumping in Muddy Puddles

Not only Peppa Pig, but also all toddlers and kids love to jump up and down in muddy puddles. Wear the right boots, pants and jacket and let’s jump!

water activities

7. Mystery Snow

Mystery snow is a fun sensory activity for toddlers. Super easy to set up, this activity can keep your little one busy for an hour.

It’s a kind of messy variation of the Mystery Bag. That’s another Montessori inspired simple sensory toddler activity. It helps your toddler to develop the sense of touch and learn and repeat new words.

8. Bucket treasure Hunt

Put some big coins, stones or sand in a bucket and let your little one, find the treasure. If they paint some stones before hand, put them inside too. Cleaning them from the paint will add another 10 min to the activity.

The 10 Best water activities to keep toddlers busy

Another variation of the Bucket treasure hunt is the numbers/ letters/ shapes chase. Instead of coins use plastic or wooden letters or numbers or shapes. Great learning activities for toddlers to practice counting, letters and shapes recognition.

Alternatively, you can do this activity outdoors and save sea shells from a sinking ship.

9. Water High 5

Welcome 2020! Water Balloon activities outside? Water Balloon Piñatas in the backyard? How about this fun 2020 version instead of water balloons just use disposable gloves with water! High five 2020! 

10. Car Wash

Yep! After he finished the mystery snow activity, he found something else to work on! The rest of the mystery snow was perfect to clean his car. First with hands, than with a paint brush. At the end, the final polish…

Water Activities for kids

See this short video for yourself

Happy Playing!

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