One minute is all the time you will need to create this super easy but super fun and educational “Emotional Jar Lids” sensory bag. It’s a kind of emotional carousel game for toddlers. We all have strong emotions, from time to time. And probably, we all had that experience of feeling taken over by emotions and feeling powerless. And young kids definitely feel more emotions that are new to them than we adults do. So, let’s turn this emotional carousel into a game!

“Emotional Jar Lids” sensory bag

This sensory bag is great for ages 1-3 and helps your little one to practice their fine motor skills. But not only that! Your toddler can also learn to recognize and communicate feelings. This activity is also a great way to teach feeling words.

Studies show, that children from birth to age 2 are learning a lot about relationships, feelings, soothing, and self-control. This period is a great time to help your child understand their feelings, behaviour and show understanding and acceptance.

Therefore, this super simple Emotional Jar Lids Sensory Bag is well worth to try it out!


It’s super easy to create it! You need only

  1. A clear resealable plastic ziploc bag.
  2. A permanent marker.
  3. Few jar lids in different colours that relate to emotions
  4. Filling: water


  • Tape


  1. Place the jar lids into the ziploc bag, so that you have enough space to rotate the jar lids.
  2. Depending on their colors draw with the permanent marker on the ziploc bag the correspondent face expressions. For example – red – an angry face, black – a sad face, yellow – a happy face, white – a surprised face, green – a nauseate face, pale yellow – a scared face and so on.
  3. Add some water, so you can move the jar lids freely.
  4. Press out the air out of the bag and seal it.
  5. Finally, place and tape the sensory bag onto your toddler’s activity table.
  6. That’s it! Your toddler can finally start playing!


Ask your toddler to show you how they feel today. Then ask them how do the faces feel. You can show them how to rotate the jar lids and attribute a color to a feeling.

Here is a short video, of how the activity goes in our case.

Happy Playing!

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