Looking for the perfect daily toddler schedule for this summer? There it is! Exactly what you need and asked for! You can download our already filled out free template or just get this easy to edit printable!

The Perfect Toddler Daily Schedule for the summer

We all know and science suggests, how important a well-working daily toddler schedule is! So, here we go!

Editable Printable – Perfect Daily Toddler Schedule

This perfect daily toddler schedule editable printable is great for anyone who is looking for some inspiration and a super easy template how to structure their days with their little ones (12 – 36 months) this summer.

Created for parents with toddlers ages 1-3, so you can plan your perfect days in the summer. You can create your own perfect daily toddler routine, if our free sample template below does not meet your needs.

We included some suggestions to ease your planning too! You can edit easily the fields if you want!

Additionally, if you prefer, we have also an editable black & white Summer Toddler Schedule Template instead of a Summer Daily Toddler Schedule month by month.

The Perfect Summer Daily Toddler Schedule

You can find here some super easy and healthy toddler meal ideas.

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Free Sample template

The free sample template is our actual daily toddler schedule for the summer. Great for ages 2-3 and toddlers who still have one afternoon naptime.

Download it here.

Aiden just turned 3 years this summer and thanks God he still naps!

Currently, we have the typical Mediterranean summer. From June to September is always hot and sunny. The temperatures are around 30/32 °C (86/89 °F), which is still tolerable. We live close by the beach, so the air is pretty humid. However, the sea breezes blow non-stop, so that makes life better.

We usually use the mornings, the late afternoons, and early evenings for outdoor activities and stay indoors between 11.30 am and 5.30 pm.

Hope that helps!

Happy Planning!

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