Wondering what your 2-year-old should do on their own? Check out these simple things your toddler can do on their own, when they reach age of 2. Probably as every mom, I check from time to time the developmental milestones, my little one should have reached.


And these explain lots of the activities preferences, my 2-year-old has these days.

1. Standing on tiptoes

Things 2-year-old should do on their own standing on tiptoes
Standing on tiptoes

Like a little ballerina, my 2-year-old son tiptoes sometimes around the home. Indeed, good to know, that he does it, because he mastered this skill already. Walking and standing on tiptoes is a great exercise for your toddler. And it adds a great touch of elegance to the the most natural activity in the world – walking. But not only that. Ideally, gait experts explain, that our entire body weight should push off the big toe with each step. So, keep them standing on their tiptoes, not only to move elegantly and with confidence, but also to be healthy.

2. Kicking a ball

Whether your little one can bend it like Beckham, or just kicks a ball or a balloon, the important thing is that your 2-year-old does it. Kicking a ball is important milestone and indication of mastering of another gross motor skill.

3. Starting to run

Running, running and falling down. That’s how it looks like for a toddler. The average two-year-old falls 38 times a day. However, the most important thing is to learn to get up and start running again.

4. Carrying a large toy or several toys while walking

Don’t be surprised if your toddler suddenly starts to pick up all of the toys in their sight and tries to carry them to another spot. In fact, they does it, because they have mastered a new skill.

2-year-old picking up his birthday gift

5. Walking up and down stairs while holding on

I feel always a little bit on my tiptoes when my 2-year-old refused my help to go up and down the stairs. Especially, down the stairs. But hey, he seems to do it by himself quite elegantly and securely.

6. Climbing on and down from furniture without help

Climbing on and down from furniture should be an official toddler sport, because it’s a great everyday activity to practice for hours. Good to know, that this is also a new skill your little one has already mastered.

7. Find things even when they’re hidden under two or three layers

When your toddler reaches the age of 2, it will get more difficult to hide things from them. In particular, the little explorers have mastered another skill in no time and now they can find and hide anything, even if it’s hidden under two or more layers.

8. Turn pages of a book

It might not seem as anything special, however being able to turn pages not only of baby books is a great fine motor skill. Soon, your little one will be also able to read better.

9. Build a tower of four blocks or more

Building a tower of several blocks is not only fun, but also another indication that your 2-year-old is developing in the right direction.

10. Complete sentences and rhymes in familiar books

Yeah, you heard right. Your little one just tried to sing their favourite song to the end. And this bedtime book you read every evening. Yep! Pete the Cat. They learned it by heart.

11. Point to things or pictures when they are named

Now it is easier. Your 2-year-old can show you what they mean and what exactly they want. Additionally, they can participate in any adult conversations and show you the things they understand when you talk.

12. Play simple make-believe games

Drinking coffee from LEGO cups? Eating delicious coaster pancakes? Cooking gold fishes? Playing trucks in the sandpit? Flying like a bird? Walking like a crab? Everything your little one does to copy the world around them is a good indication for their cognitive and emotional development.

13. Copy others, especially adults and older children

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and our little ones want often to be big like the grown ups or elder children. And around their 2nd birthday, you might notice that copying and imitating start to get stronger. This is completely normal.

Here is our 18 months old opening and closing doors like an adult.

Indeed, your toddler can learn a lot from copying adults or other children and this is beneficial for their emotional and cognitive development. However, sometimes, your little one can also copy bad behaviour. Take it as an opportunity to explain to them right away that this is not something they should copy, because it’s not good.

14. Sorting shapes and colors

By the age of two, your little one has mastered for sure after long hours of exercising to sort correctly shapes and colors. Time to celebrate this with lots of new activities with more complexity.

15. Repeat words overheard in a conversation

Yep! Your toddler starts to repeat almost everything they hear. So, if you haven’t started yet to watch what you say, better you start doing it from now on.

16. Scribble at Will

Your 2-year-old draws and scribbles every day? No matter whether on paper or board that’s great (also not less great on the walls)! Drawing and scribbling are the first steps in writing.


If you are interested to view the full list of the developmental milestonstones, read here.

Here is a short summary and a checklist! Hope it’s helpful!

things 2-year-old can do on their own

Happy Playing!

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