Toddler Evening Routine Fall & Winter

It’s time for our toddler evening routine! As a part of our Toddler Daily Schedule for the wintertime, here I’m sharing our toddler evening routine for the fall and winter season. According to science, it’s important and beneficial to have family routines. Our experience endorsed it.

Toddler Evening Routine

Dinner Time!

Aiden helps us to prepare dinner and to set the table. We have dinner together and talk about our day. How it went, what did we learn, what made us feeling happy, what successes did we have.

After dinner, we prepare for bath time. Aiden can choose, whether he wants to play some more, or watch something he likes on Netflix (Pepa Pig, Paw Patrol, PJ Mask, Masha & Bear). He usually chooses to watch some of his favorite shows.

Bath Time

Like almost every child Aiden loves to bathe. We have a set of ducks, a set of sea animals and his color-changing cars. He never mixes the ducks with the sea animals and he has separate activities with both. Usually, we sing nursery rhymes like “Five little ducks, jumping on the water, one fell off and bump his head…”. Aiden names the sea animals and their colors in his sea animal show. One of his favorite activities is Color-changing cars.

After 10-15 minutes, is time to go out of the bathtub. He brushes his teeth, I dress him up for bed and we get ready for reading.


We have plenty of simple books like Pete the Cat. In the beginning, I really did not like them, because the stories are extremely simple. However, it was more important that Aiden likes them, tries to read the story by himself and repeat the words. So, now we have around 20 simple books. Nevertheless, he likes best 4 of them, that we rotate every night. After the story is read or mostly told in the most artistic way, we can, we turn off the light, lie down next to him until he falls asleep. Usually within 1-2 minutes. And that’s it. Goodnight, sweetheart!

Time for me to work!

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