Toddler Morning Routine Fall & Winter

As a part of our Toddler Daily Schedule for the wintertime, here I’me sharing our toddler morning routine for the fall and winter season. According to science, it’s important and beneficial to have family routines. Our experience endorsed it.

Toddler Morning Routine Fall & Winter

Wake Up, Grooming & Exercising

Aiden wakes up at 08.00-08.30 a.m. in the wintertime In the summer, it is 06.30-07.30 a.m., so we can go to the beach before it gets really hot outside.

He is usually very energetic and ready to start his day right away. I help him with washing his body parts, face and brush his teeth. Then, he chooses what to wear and I help him to dress up quickly before we start exercising or dancing.

Usually, we do together a short barre workout or dance. Those might include classics such as Dirty Dancing, Flash Dance or Baby Shark for 5 to 10 minutes.

Because of recurring UTI in the last 2 years (Vesicoureteral reflux (VUR)), we follow prevention therapy. We are very strict to monitor him drinking enough water during the day and peeing at least every 2 hours. Immediately after waking up, he has his first glass of water for the day. As part of the prevention therapy, he needs to drink about 1 glass of water every hour he is awake. However, also for children with no problems in this area, is important to stay well hydrated. In general, children tend to drink less water then they need to.


We prepare together his breakfast in around 5 minutes every day. It is almost always the same. We serve oatmeal in variations. We add a fresh juice or small bowl of fruits, tea or milk and the obligatory glass of water. Sometimes, we make pancakes or scrambled eggs.

Sad, but true. After having 3-4 spoons of oatmeal or a few bites of pancakes, he wants to do something during breakfast. He either wants to draw on his magnetic board, on a drawing app or watch youtube kids. Clearly, I allow that because otherwise, he won’t eat more. It seems that 3-4 bites are enough for him. They would last to the next meal or the next thing (mostly bread) that he grabs to eat. So, I prefer him to eat something good and healthy. Therefore, we draw together dancing cows and bugs during breakfast.

After he finishes breakfast, he helps me clean up and put the dishes and glasses in the dishwasher.


As a part of our toddler morning routine, Aiden does different toddler activities. Our playtime is less-structured, he chooses the activity by himself.

If the weather is good, we go outside. If it is bad, we try to go out, even if we spend only 5 minutes to grasp some fresh air. The time in Germany was a tough one because the weather in October-November is mostly cold and rainy. We spend days at home… Not a great feeling.

Aiden has a small snack at around 11 am. Usually, it is fruit, oatmeal pancakes or cookies with glas of milk.

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