What games can a 3 year old play?

What games can your 3 year old play? So many! Indeed, the attention span of a 3-year-old is not super long, but hey! It’s so much fun playing and learning together. Here is our list of simple and simply awesome games we do daily with our 3-year-old.

  1. Ludo
  2. Puzzle Race
  3. I spy
  4. Letter Hunt
  5. Hide-and-Seek
  6. Fix these teeth

Give them a try and share your own ideas!

games 3 year old


Try this strategy board game and make it extra fun with wooden Ludo animals. We bought this cute wooden game and it’s so much fun to learn counting!

The rules are pretty simple – make it to the house with all your 4 animal friends and you win! We learn to take turns to throw the dice. The magical dice tells us how many steps our animal can take. Then we count. If your animal meets another animal on his way and it sits on his spot, then you kick it back to the start. Aiden loves to kick us back at the start. It’s just a great game to play as a family.

Puzzle Race

Aiden loves doing puzzles and puzzles are simply great for the brain development! So, buy some of age appropriate puzzles (for you and them) and start the race: let them choose their favourite puzzle and choose one for your age. Surprisingly, even when I try to win, he is faster than me. Need some more practice!

I spy

This classic guessing game is a great way to practice vocabulary. Choose an object you can see, for example a door. Then say “I spy with my little eye someting beginning with D.” Your child has to guess the word beginning with that letter. A great game for the whole family.

Letter Hunt

Letter Hunt is a super simple and fun game. All you need is a letter puzzle, we’ve got one wooden letter puzzle. Take some of the letters out and spread them around the room next to objects starting with the letter. For example, hide A underneath an apple, B next to a banana, C on the couch, W next to a glass full with water. Let your child do the letter puzzle and surprisingly find out that the letters are gone! So, go on a letter hunt and bring them back to their house!


Another classic and perfectly fun activity to do at home or outdoors is Hide-and-seek.

Fix these teeth

These dental procedures are not simple – extractions, fillings, braces, gum surgery… Good that our patient is in good hands.

Share your ideas and Happy Playing!